Weird things

Did you guys hear about that every 100 years there occurs a pandemic?

“1720 — Plague; 1820 — Cholera outbreak; 1920 — Spanish flu; 2020 — Chinese coronavirus. What’s happening? There is a theory that every 100 years, a pandemic happens. At first glance, nothing seems strange, but the accuracy with which these events take place is scary.”

1720 — Plague; 1820 — Cholera outbreak; 1920 — Spanish flu; 2020 — Chinese coronavirus. Did you know that God told us that in the end of the world there will be a lot of pandemics and so? Did you know that god told us that the river nile in Egypt will dry out? Now that is whats happening now, we have 4 pandemics after each other and two lands are fighting for the river nile.

Its not about the years, its about the pandemics.

I think its not true, the first example was not a pandemic and the second and third started a couple of years before 1820 and 1920.

I was just telling you that our end is beginning to come . . .

I hope I will meet you in heaven.

For God So Loved The World..

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

Easily said:

God is one and no more, he loved us, he made us, he loved us soo much that he let his only son die for us and without that we would all go, in fire by satan. So that all people who believe in God and that he died for us on the cross and woke up from his death shall not go to fire by satan but will live everlasting life in Heaven!

Do you believe in that? If you do, you will have happiness in all your heart, just as me!

Read your bible everyday

I just say; BELIEVE it, please . . .

NN👉(New News)

Yeah . . . News is always new, but . . .

Okay so I’m going to stop Wednesday challenges because nobody was like answering, you were all just liking the post and thats it, so I am like sad/mad. You see and like the post read the questions BUT DO NOT ANSWER THEM. That’s why I’m a little bit sad/mad.

More NN (new news):

We went to a church conference in Hurghada and it was very very veeryyy fun, the Hotel was B E A U T I F U L L!!!!

Gift Tips | Not knowing what 😅

Gift tips:

  1. What if your BFF is traveling 😳😥😓 Like me… Than you can give her something like a small jar with rolls of paper in it and let all her friends and family write something/a note on a roll of paper from the jar.
  2. What if you are traveling from your BFF you can give her a Drawing of two drawings, one with a girl looking to the sun in the morning and one with a girl looking to the moon in the evening. You can also let half of the sun stand in the middle and the other side can be half of a moon.
  3. For a Birthday or an other party, ask her mother/sibling what she wishes to have.

Not knowing what 😅:

I mean I don’t know what to give to Oge and Lili 😆 Even after writing tips about that…lolll

Thanks for joining my “Miss-my-BFF” sadness 🤔😛

This is my present to Oge
This is my sisters present to Lili

See you nextie babyee 😐

My Cousin’s- BFF’s will travel 😭

Eugenie (Oge) my Best friend and her sister Celine (Lili) and there mother and two brothers will travel to there father in Sudan for three months 𝙽𝙾𝙾

Left Oge Right Lili

These are my two bestie’s I will miss them sooo much 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👯😿😭 They will travel after a week. And tonight I will sleep with Oge and tomorrow night with Lili!

Did you ever miss somebody like I will?

See you next time goodbyeeee!