Hey There I’m Esther Living In Egypt welcome to my blog, if you want to know more about me click on About or , visit my third post called “About Me”. Hope you follow!

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Latest from the Blog

They came!

I stayed up with my mother last night, and we made a mango cake and she washed my hair because I didn’t wash it for a while. Then she sent me to bed on 12 o’clock but…..I did not sleep, I read a book till 1 o’clock then my sister who slept under me wokeContinue reading “They came!”

What’s going on here?

So I know I was supposed to write a “Prettiest…” post today but instead of that, let’s see what is going on here. So as I told you, we were praying that the table will come. Now it didn’t come when we prayed but God always has a plan so yesterday my mother surprised usContinue reading “What’s going on here?”

Slime tips and Ideas

I adore slime. But it’s not easy without borax or slime activator. Everyday I try to make some slime. Nothing works. Tips: Don’t try to make 2 ingredients slime Don’t try to make slime with salt or toothpaste Don’t make it with cornstarch or flour Slime hacks that worked with me: 1. I got clearContinue reading “Slime tips and Ideas”

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